Our teens are making furniture, jewelry, and more at the Society for Contemporary Craft!

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Early last week, the Millvale Community Library welcomed a new addition to our family--a beautiful new corner plant stand to adorn our library. This was just one of the things our summer campers made at the Society for Contempoary Craft in Pittsburgh's Strip District. 

In addition to making our new plant stand, teen apprentices worked side-by-side wit...

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Is Your Kid Registered for Kindergarten?

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This guest blog is part of the Pittsburgh Tall media series and was produced by Work Hard Pgh ( Our guest writer is Alyse Horn.

During a three-month period in the spring of 2014, a group of public and private, youth-focused, community based organizations composed four goals to create an agenda for youth advocacy in Millvale, thus joining the

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Saturday Gaming at the Library

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It has been said that the job of children is to play, and we at the MCL believe very strongly in that philosophy. Play and games form an integral part of a young person's development even well into their teen (and even adult) years. We also believe that kids and teens are steeped in technology these days--they spend most of their time on computers, and miss out on a lot of...
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Halloween at the MCL!

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The Haunted Library

On Saturday, October 31, the MCL held our first annual Halloween party! Running from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, this was part of a big community-wide effort to make Halloween 2015 an incredibly memorable and fun experience for all the families of the area. From special trick-or-treating events by lo...
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Children's Programming at the MCL

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Mini Makers at Work

Here at the Millvale library we have some incredible programs for infants, toddlers and elementary schoolers, and we'd love for you to come down with your kids and check them out! Every Friday at 10:30 AM we feature Infant, Child and Family Story Time. Stop on down ...

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Last Week of Summer Celebration!

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Nora Peters, the Millvale Makers Guru!

That's right, folks! The summer season is coming to an end and school starts back up soon. But here at the Millvale Community Library, our Millvale Makers program is not ready to give up the ghost, yet! We've got tons of fun activities and games coming up for the last wek of summer so that the kids of the comm...

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The Dog Days of Summer

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Entrepreneurs in Action

July is often known as the dog days of summer as the days are long, hot and muggy. The weather has been tough this year in Pittsburgh, but it looks like we're finally getting a break from Mother Nature with a stretch of really nice days! The kids have taken full advantage of the sunny skies by putting up a lemonade stand...

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Millvale Makers Hard at Work

Since we started our Summer Millvale Maker program in 2014, the Fiber (or Fabric) Fridays program has been hands-down one of our most popular weekly programs. Kids really learn to appreciate the things they have and the clothes they wear when they learn what goes into making them, and they take such pride in the fi...

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Tabletop Gaming at the Library

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Tabletop gaming is something of a dying art among young people, who grow up with technology. From the time kids can toddle, they are playing with their parents' smartphones. Tablets are a staple in school education. There are even mobile devices that are specifically designed for kids and education. This results in a draw towards seamless animation, gorgeo...

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Off to a Great Start!

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Our second week of summer programming is now complete and we saw a massive increase in numbers, which means we've done our job in getting the word out! It also means that you, the Millvale community, are coming out to support our offerings in droves.

Free Lunch Program

The kids are loving our free lunch program this year, which is seeing a marked growth in numbers as w...

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