Our teens are making furniture, jewelry, and more at the Society for Contemporary Craft!

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Early last week, the Millvale Community Library welcomed a new addition to our family--a beautiful new corner plant stand to adorn our library. This was just one of the things our summer campers made at the Society for Contempoary Craft in Pittsburgh's Strip District. 

In addition to making our new plant stand, teen apprentices worked side-by-side wit...

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Saturday Gaming at the Library

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It has been said that the job of children is to play, and we at the MCL believe very strongly in that philosophy. Play and games form an integral part of a young person's development even well into their teen (and even adult) years. We also believe that kids and teens are steeped in technology these days--they spend most of their time on computers, and miss out on a lot of...
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Last Week of Summer Celebration!

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Nora Peters, the Millvale Makers Guru!

That's right, folks! The summer season is coming to an end and school starts back up soon. But here at the Millvale Community Library, our Millvale Makers program is not ready to give up the ghost, yet! We've got tons of fun activities and games coming up for the last wek of summer so that the kids of the comm...

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Teen Scene Kickoff Party!

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Lisa and the Teen Advisory Board

Late in April of this year we did a ribbon cutting for our brand new teen space and clubhouse at the Millvale Community Library as part of a party to celebrate Earth Day and our ongoing growth and community programming. This space, currently dubbed the Millvale Teen Scene, is set to have its grand ope...

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Millvale Makers Hard at Work

Since we started our Summer Millvale Maker program in 2014, the Fiber (or Fabric) Fridays program has been hands-down one of our most popular weekly programs. Kids really learn to appreciate the things they have and the clothes they wear when they learn what goes into making them, and they take such pride in the fi...

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Tabletop Gaming at the Library

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Tabletop gaming is something of a dying art among young people, who grow up with technology. From the time kids can toddle, they are playing with their parents' smartphones. Tablets are a staple in school education. There are even mobile devices that are specifically designed for kids and education. This results in a draw towards seamless animation, gorgeo...

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Libraries in the 21st Century: Digital Programming for Kids

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We live in the digital age, the post-information age where exchange of ideas happens at light speed, where attention spans of kids are estimated to be about the length of a YouTube video, and where libraries are media centers where kids and adults come to use computers to play games, watch videos, search for jobs, and do homework. 

Digital Programming and the Maker Mov...
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Libraries in the 21st Century Part Two: Combating Youth Discrimination

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One of our kids battling the Dark Side

Here at the Millvale Community Library we have a strong focus on the youth of our community. While we certainly value our adult patrons and offer as many resources and services as possible to help them, the kids are exceptionally important to us. The youth of our community, from infancy all th...

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New Kids Gaming Club and Springtime at the Library!

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Springtime is here!

Come on down to the Millvale Community Library and enjoy the nice weather!

Our back yard is open on days when it's not too rainy (or when Winter tries to rear its head again) and the kids are taking full advantage, playing football, frisbee, soccer, and other games. We sometimes open the back door to let some fresh air in, and the library feels more alive than ever. If you haven't been here yet, what are you waiting for? Stop down, look...

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Summer Programming for Kids

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Hello friends! We are pleased to announce our summer programming for 2013! In addition to the Story Time and Crafts, we have a Millvale Junior Gardeners Club, and an August Art Camp! Teens, there is even something for you! Join us for our Teen Reading Club! For information on any of the programs, or to register for our programs, click here!


We look forward to seeing you and your family this summer!

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