2016 Summer Kickoff at the Millvale Library

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It's a sure sign that summer is coming when the backyard of the Millvale Library fills with a sea of yellow. And no, we don't mean dandelions. These were the yellow shirts of over 200 students from Shaler Elementary School who were participating in the Titan Trail Million Word Reader competition. Students gathered on Friday, May 27 for an award ceremony in which we recognized the students who read the most; some read more than 4 Million Words! Afterwards the kids brainstorm...

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Local Mission: Volunteers Lend a Hand at the Library

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It was a gray and rainy day in Millvale, but that didn't stop a group of awesome volunteers from rolling up their sleeves and putting in some hard work. This past Saturday, May 14, a youth group from First United Church of Christ (First United), here in Millvale, joined other community members at the library to help with several projects around the backyard.

The biggest project of the ...

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Millvale Reads: Tricia Sorg

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“Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In: Lessons from an Extraordinary Life” by Louis Zamperini and David Rensin


D: Can you tell me a little about this book? 

T: So it’s a war book. It’s an autobiography of his. I love books about inner stre...

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Millvale Reads: Jennifer Cohen reads "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Brontë

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On the corner of Lincoln and North Avenues in Millvale sits a familiar landmark to many in this community and the Pittsburgh region. Inside the bustling P&G Diner, the clinking of silverware and china provides a classic backdrop to the conversation I am about to have. I am meeting with Jennifer Cohen, owner of the Lincoln Pharmacy and Lincoln’s P&G Diner, and today we’re talking about her favorite book.



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Is Your Kid Registered for Kindergarten?

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This guest blog is part of the Pittsburgh Tall media series and was produced by Work Hard Pgh ( Our guest writer is Alyse Horn.

During a three-month period in the spring of 2014, a group of public and private, youth-focused, community based organizations composed four goals to create an agenda for youth advocacy in Millvale, thus joining the

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Millvale Shines with New Solar Power

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This guest blog is part of the Pittsburgh Tall media series and was produced by Work Hard Pgh. Our guest writer is Alyse Horn.

Millvale has sustainability on its mind and a goal to eventually become “a self-reliant urban solar village,” said Zaheen Hussain, Millvale’s Sustainability Coordinator.

The community has adopted the goal of ...

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Millvale Residents Activate Community Plan

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This guest blog is part of the Pittsburgh Tall media series and was produced by Work Hard Pgh. Our guest writer is Alyse Horn and the photography is by Ryan Haggerty.

Over 90 Millvale residents and stakeholders gathered in the community center on Thursday, January 28 to connect and absorb the next steps to be taken for the

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Happy Holidays!!!

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Public Domain Image

The holiday season is officially upon us! We at the MCL hope that everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving and has a joyous, peaceful and loving holiday season this year. We are quite excited about our success the past two years here and are greatly looking forward to a huge ...

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Volunteer Days!

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PittServes Volunteers Learning about the MCL

It's a busy day at the MCL!

One of the biggest ways the Millvale Community Library contributes to the positive change in our neighborhood is through the coordination of huge volunteer efforts. Whether it's the University of Pittsburgh, Deloitte, local churche...

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Teen Scene Kickoff Party!

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Lisa and the Teen Advisory Board

Late in April of this year we did a ribbon cutting for our brand new teen space and clubhouse at the Millvale Community Library as part of a party to celebrate Earth Day and our ongoing growth and community programming. This space, currently dubbed the Millvale Teen Scene, is set to have its grand ope...

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